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"I have this friend who insists that if you have a voice it is because you are intended to use it. There are these people in my life who remind me that if you have a story to tell you better tell it. I have this hope that in telling the story, and in using my voice I will inch closer to being who I was really meant to be. That’s a dream worth dreaming I think. It’s a road worth travelling, I know. I’m sure that it’s a way of life worth living.

It’s not so much that I think that I am going to change the world with any particular song that I wrote. They’ve been half a life time in the making and are more a catalog of the impact of other’s lives than they are of mine. But to respond, to move, to say yes when your name is called, that may be all the grace I am ever afforded. So I will say yes, and move, and respond even so. And if I’m not sure that I am able to change the world in the process, I am sure that the process is going to change me. And maybe it’ll plant a seed that says just a little more loudly that if you have a voice you have to use it and if you have a story you had better tell it. People who have ears to hear might need to hear it." - Adam

Adam Heath - Travelogue (CD)

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